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Gaia Symphony No.1

There was a time when people could communicate with
flowers, trees, birds, and whales.
People knew that their lives were but a small part of a great universe.
They revered the sun, respected the moon, inquired of the wind,
prayed to fire, were healed by water and rejoiced with the earth.
Then, with remarkable technological progress, we began to consider
ourselves masters of the universe, with the rest of the nature
existing solely for our benefit.
We rapidly began to forget the very language that once enabled us
to communicate with nature.
Will it be lost forever?
Or will we find it again as we learn to work in harmony with
our newfound progress and technology.

Gaia Symphony No. 1 features four men and women from various parts of the globe who appear to be ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to help create a beautiful future for the planet. Based on their own experience, each of them delivers powerful and insightful messages about human "spirituality" as being the key to living in harmony with our Mother Earth, Gaia.

Gaia Symphony No. 1 (1992)
Shigeo Nozawa (JAPAN) - Botanist

"Each and every plant has its own mind"

From a single seed of an ordinary tomato, Shigeo Nozawa succeeded in growing a giant tomato tree baring 15,000 tomatoes, without any gene manipulation or use of special fertilizers. The film documents the process of the planted seed growing into a giant tree with leaves spreading out to 8 meters in diameter and the trunk growing to 15 centimeters wide. He talks about the mind of plants and their infinite vitality.
Reinhold Messner (ITALY) - Alpinist

"To harmonize the mind, body and sprit is ideal for human beings"

Reinhold Messner is the only person in the world who has individually climbed all fourteen 8,000-meter-class peaks of the world without carrying oxygen. He has had many near-death experiences. He talks about the mysterious life force that is revealed when the human body faces a crisis.
Daphne Sheldrick (KENYA) - Wildlife Protection Activist

"Eleanor knows everything but still loves human beings"

Over thirty years, Daphne Sheldrick has cared for baby elephants whose parents were killed by ivory poachers, and eventually return them to the wilderness. She still continues a mother and daughter relationship with the female elephant Eleanor, who she fostered and is now the leader of a herd of wild elephants. Daphne talks about the wisdom and love that elephant possess, and what human beings can learn from them.
Russell Schweickart (USA) - Apollo-9 Astronaut

"We are now living in the era of Cosmic Birth"

As a member of Apollo-9 crew, Russell Schweickart experienced mankind's first space walk. It was then that he came to firmly believe that this Earth is a large living creature and that all living things on this Earth are connected throughout the past, present, and future. He talks about the future of humankind and the universe.

*Ms.Enya and Ms.Mayumi Tsuruoka make appearances in the film for screenings within Japan.

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