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About Gaia Symphony

Can you sense the calling from GAIA?

If our Mother Earth is truly a living organism, then mankind may be her "mind" - an existence delegated with the responsibility of acting as its "imagination." Through this imagination, we have created science, and have drastically altered the landscape of our planet. The environment we have today is, for better or worse, its product.

If so, then it follows that the future of this planet, including the environmental issues we face, will also be determined by the imagination of mankind --- how we think and feel.

"Gaia Symphony" is a film series about individuals with very insightful messages for the future of the Earth in the 21st century. Each one of them is an ordinary person who is making an extraordinary contribution to help create a beautiful future for the planet.

The images we have of the Earth today will shape its future tomorrow. I sincerely hope "Gaia Symphony" can give the extra energy all of us need in our hearts and minds in this process of creation.

Jin Tatsumura

Gaia is the name of the Goddess of the Earth in Greek mythology. British scientist Dr. James Lovelock proposed a theory that the Earth itself is a giant living organism. All living creatures actively create the environment they need to survive in, maintaining environmental factors like temperature, humidity and atmosphere. He calls this theory Gaia. It is from this theory that the title Gaia Symphony originates.
Since its first release in 1992, without the help of any large distribution companies, Gaia Symphony continues to be screened voluntarily across Japan by audiences who were inspired by the films. Realizing the importance of sharing the Gaia's message with as many people as possible, this grass roots or word-of-mouth distribution network continues to grow, and to this date, the films have been screened over 5,600 times and have been seen by over 2.2 million people in Japan alone.
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