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1940 Born in Hyogo, Japan
1963 Graduates from Kyoto University
(major in esthetics)
Enters NHK (Nihon Hoso Kyokai: Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
where he directs mainly documentary films
1974 Leaves NHK and becomes an independent director of documentary, drama, and commercial films
1975 Awarded Galaxy Prize (given to the best television program in Japan) for his documentary film Dream Journey to the Silk Road
1987 Receives ACC (Allied CM Council) Excellence Award for Saison Group three minutes CMs, "Lyall Watson" and "Michizo Noguchi"
1992 Directs documentary film Gaia Symphony No. 1
1994 Awarded Kyoto Cultural Prize for his contribution to the society by promoting harmony between science, heart, and nature through film
1995 Awarded Galaxy Promotion Prize for his documentary film, A Gift from the Future - A Tale of Traveling this Planet sponsored by NTT DATA Corporation
Directs Gaia Symphony No. 2
Awarded the OCIC Japan Catholic Film Prize and the 9th Tokyo Creation Grand Prize
1996 Awarded Distinguished Service Prize in Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Awards
1997 Completes Gaia Symphony No. 3
1998 Produces a film of a children's story, The Great Voyage of Iceberg Ruri commissioned by its author, Her Imperial Highness Hisako Takamado
2000 Establishes Jin Tatsumura Office
Starts filming Gaia Symphony No.4
2001 Completes Gaia Symphony No.4
The total number of Gaia Symphony No. 1 viewers counts to 650,000 in 1749 places in Japan; Gaia Symphony No.2 viewers counts to 640,000 in 1453 places; and Gaia Symphony No. 3 viewers counts to 330,000 in 896 places
2004 Completes Gaia Symphony No.5
In December, viewers of Gaia Symphony No.4 reach 180,000 people in 472 places, and Gaia Symphony No.5 viewers add up to 30,000 in 98 places
2006 Completes Gaia Symphony No. 6 in October
2010 Completes Gaia Symphony No. 7
2015 Completes Gaia Symphony No. 8 in March
2021 Completes Gaia Symphony No. 9 in April

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