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Gaia Symphony No.2

Have you ever heard that sound of the bell?
Through the break of the clouds in the golden ray of light
that sound of the bell pouring upon you.
Dolphins and ETs
Pickled plums and snowcaps
have long since known who is ringing that bell.
Please listen with your heart
the Gaia Symphony.

The first of the series of Gaia Symphony, which premiered in 1992, has been actively promoted through voluntary screenings of its first audience across Japan, and by the end of 1994, the film had been seen by a quarter of a million people at 400 locations. This organic development of the grass roots screening was a result of the heart-to-heart networking of individuals, and is indeed a tangible proof of the theme of the film - that "the human mind holds infinite possibility." The Gaia Network, thus created, has made possible the completion of Gaia Symphony No.2.

Gaia Symphony No. 2 further deepens the theme of Gaia Symphony from the first of the series; if our Mother Earth is truly a living organism, the mankind may be her "mind" - an existence delegated with the responsibility of acting as its "imagination." This film delivers messages from Jacques Mayol, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Professor Frank Drake, and Hatsume Sato.

Gaia Symphony No. 2 (1995)
Jacque Mayol (FRANCE) - Ocean Adventurer

"Breath is the subtle invisible link.
The spiritual umbilical that connects us all to the universe."

Born in Shanghai in 1927. At the age of 30, he meets the female dolphin Crown, which changes his life. He learns how to swim and dive in deep water like a dolphin from Crown. In 1976, he sets a record by diving deeper than 100 meters in water without the use of oxygen, and challenges the scientific conception of human life force. The film Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) is based on his life. He believes that the key to the awakening and evolution of human consciousness lies in the rediscovery of the sea, which is the source of all lives.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (TIBET) - Spiritual Leader of Tibetan Buddhism

"The ultimate nature of man is compassion and altruism."

Dalai Lama in Mongolian means a "saint with deep wisdom like the ocean." Legend has it that he is sent to this world as an incarnation of bodhisattva. Living in exile in India since 1959, he has continued to advocate the awakening of compassion in the hearts of humanity, the evolution of consciousness, and has gained much respect from the world community transcending religion, nationality and ethnic background. Despite continued persecution of his people by the Chinese Government, he encourages Altruism and Compassion throughout the world, and preaches the universal awakening of all humanity based on the harmony of Eastern and Western wisdom. The recipient of 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.
Prof. Frank Drake (USA) - Astronomer

"Man, animals, plants, and Extraterrestrials - we are all brothers made of stardust."

Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Founder of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute and pioneer in NASA's scientific attempts to contact extraterrestrial intelligent life. Instrumental in developing special messages aboard Voyager I and II, and identifying them as ships from Earth. It makes us wonder why he continues to send messages to our invisible friends in the distant universe, which may never be answered while he exists, or even while humanity exists.
Hatsume Sato (JAPAN) - Philanthropist

"My everyday acts are themselves prayers. My own daily life is itself a prayer."

Founder of Mori no Ischia (Ischia in the Forest). Visiting nursing homes and encountering various lives and deaths, she came to realize that "the only thing you can give people is your heart." For 30 years, she has opened her home to people who are suffering from depression. She has helped over 1,000 depressed people recover through her insightful conversation and traditional Japanese cooking of natural foods. Her dream of creating a place of rest and relaxation in the forest was realized in 1992, when Mori no Ischia was completed by the people who adore Ms. Sato as their mother. Sato, witnessing people's lives and deaths and sharing the joy of life with others, is depicted in this film among the beauty of four seasons in Hirosaki, Japan.

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